Security Specifications

Creating security specifications can be hard and complex. We created a tool that will give you a head start with this development step. Having good security requirements is important. Always. Use our on-line tool to select the security principles and requirements you will always need. This will give your more time and focus on defining specific security needs. Using this tool will save you time. Always.

The html output can be used to complete your security specification document using MSWORD, Open Office, Wiki. We suggest you start with the free version. The free version is limited in the number of principles and requirements you can choose from. More background information on usage of the tool can be found here.


Start creating a good security requirements document:It will save you time and lower your security risks!

  • Instant boot start for your project
  • No strings attached!
  • No email registration needed
  • Output can be used to in MSWORD, Libre/Open Office or any text editor that can import and convert clean html

Create security specification NOW

If you like this tool, but must work in a secure environment: Consider using this tool within your company hosting environment (on premise or cloud). The software is GPL licensed and currently we are seeking partners to develop it one step further before releasing it on github.

We offer the following premium services:

Security specification

  • Security requirements:For your product,process or services
  • Aligned with all major stakeholders
  • Created by certified and experienced security architects
  • Specification focussed to give a head start to your (agile) IT project

Enterprise Version

  • More principles to choose from.
  • Dedicated installation (cloud or on-premise)
  • More export options (json,markdown,txt,csv)
  • Updates on requirements and new features.

On-demand:Security architecture or design

Based on your security requirements we deliver an integrated security solution architecture or high level design to prevent trivial security and privacy issues happing to you. Our focus:Minimize security risks and effort to keep risks under control.