Machine learning reference architecture

Architecture is a minefield. And creating a good architecture for new innovative machine learning systems and applications is an unpaved road. Architecture is not by definition high level and sometimes relevant details are of the utmost importance. But getting details of the inner working on the implementation level of machine learning algorithms can be very hard. So a reference architecture on machine learning should help you in several ways. Continue reading “Machine learning reference architecture”

Creating stupid software

Everyone wants to create smart solutions. You want a smart home, smart city and maybe even a smart government. I never meet people who want to create stupid software. The use of software should be idiot proof, but making things really simple to solve a complex problem is very hard.

Machine learning enables everyone to create smart solutions for very complex problems. At least that is a promise claimed by many commercial vendors selling you Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) driven solutions.  But getting the essence of machine learning means you must reset your brain. Continue reading “Creating stupid software”