No Complexity design principlesΒΆ

Complex business IT solutions often break and have a short lifetime. Most of the time after some time too many complex solutions are regarded as a real disaster. And not only in terms of money.

Software for complex business IT problems becomes complex since simple principles for avoiding complexity are not followed.

This section gives an overview of the core nocomplexity principles that SHOULD be used when designing systems.

If you are short on time and do not like reading: Using the principles outlined here is enough. Discuss it. Rethink it. And if you do not agree: This is an open publication so your input is welcome!

Summary of the zero complexity architecture & design principles:

  1. Put People first!

  2. Only use what you understand.

  3. Define specific criteria that are tangible to measure complexity.

  4. Create a model of your solution

  5. Separation of concerns

  6. Reduce all waste.

  7. Problems should be fixed through simple solutions.

  8. Design for change.

  9. Make sure you can manage IT!

  10. Privacy by design.

  11. Never over engineer

In the next sections, all principles are explained in depth. It is RECOMMENDED to read the rationale for every principle stated.