This 0CX RFC is meant to provide a reusable set of principles for business IT software projects. It has the following specific goals:

  • Offer a small but crucial list of principles to prevent complexity.

  • Create a living document that outlines key business and IT knowledge available today to create large systems without negative complexity effects.

  • Offer a short but crucial list of key principles that can be used in every business IT design project.

  • Improve safety, security and privacy of systems, since dependency of humans on software technology is still continuously growing. We humans depend more and more on software driven products.

  • Create a better world by preventing that our valuable time, money and resources are not wasted on solving complex business IT problems. We SHOULD use our time working on creating a better and healthier world for us all. So on problems that really matter and not on solving complex business IT problems that could have been prevented.

  • Collect and maintain crucial universal but practical principles to avoid business IT complexity.

  • All principles stated SHOULD provide input to steer developments within all types of business and for a wide range of IT architectures and design projects.

  • The stated principles SHOULD be practicable usable over multiple disciplines and domains.

We know we aim high, but life is too short for wasting time on designing over engineered systems and we all SHOULD do better things than simplifying complex systems.