is all about solving Business IT related challenges for our clients, people and communities in a changing world.

No offers various advanced on-line (SAAS) tools that support organizations to speed up the steps needed for solving architecture and IT design challenges. Business IT relationships can be complex. We believe in designing simple solutions for current problems to make organizations more robust for future challenges.

Our company operates under the Dutch Law, with respect to all legal issues arranged for organizations as arranged within the European Union. The company is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (number 08173941)

The company is founded by me, Maikel Mardjan. For our Dutch speaking customers and relations I created the firm  I love working with knowledge partners. So contact me if you are interested in collaboration on building great open (source) solutions that falls in one of the following categories:

  1. Creating (on-line) tools to enable companies to accelerate on business IT alignment and IT problem solving.
  2. Creating automation tools the speed up the process of creating great IT architectures and IT designs
  3. Creating valuable (on-line) tools that deliver great value in protecting information and privacy on the internet.

Behind the scenes I work of course with the most innovative (open) AI, UX and big data technologies. Send me an email if you are interested.

Who is Maikel?

Maikel loves solving IT challenges and creating good architectures and designs for complex systems. I’m an independent architect / business IT consultant, based in the Netherlands. I advise companies on how to build distributed enterprise applications for complex business domains. I started programming very young and IT technology is still my passion. I hold both a Master (MSc) Business Studies of University of Groningen and a Master degree¬† (MSc) Electrical Engineering, of Delft University of Technology. I have also done the Postgraduate Master Business Management(MBM) at the TSM Business School. I have more than 25 years experience in the field of: consultancy, IT, Open Source, Internet, business research methods and innovation. When not working on open innovation projects for the BM-Support Foundation, I work as freelance architect to solve IT related problems and design new systems for various companies. Maikel is TOGAF 9 Certified and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certified.