Simplify Cyber Security

Reducing cyber security risks is complex. But the truth is that often the most simple solutions are the best. A simple solutions is often far more effective than a complex solution that fails. People, clear processes and simple solutions that just work are key for reducing and managing your security risks. In the complex field of reducing security and privacy risks our goal is to offer solutions that just work.


Open Security

It is time to stop reinventing the wheel. Use our Open Security Reference Architecture. Its 100% free with no strings attached.


Architecture Review

Based on deep knowledge, experience and your requirements we create or review your security architecture.


Security Training

On demand. Online & Offline. Learn how to create a security architecture for a complex system. Learn to create an agile security architecture.

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Open Security News

Cyber security is a process, not a destination to arrive at. Openness and transparency builds trust. Good simple cyber security solutions are open and transparent. Cyber Security is a complex field. Keep it simple. Keep learning.

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