Simple Business IT Solutions

Solving business IT related problems is hard. We can help you solve your nasty business IT problems. This to make sure you reach all your short and long term goals.  Easy. Painless. Simple.

We use open tools and open proven (scientific) knowledge for solving your complexity problems. Some FOSS tools we use:

  • Causal Loop Diagrams (CLDs). Check our FOSS CLD tool ! We use CLDs for finding relationships, causality, and feedback loops.
  • System dynamics. We use the FOSS tool Insight Maker to create fast simulations to validate if changes are sustainable.
  • We use proven IT architecture methods in an agile way to speed up digital innovation. A good business IT architecture saves time and money. Use the open tools outlined in our architecture playbook to get started.

Our solutions gives you a head start in designing and creating simple innovative IT solutions. We build on scientific systems approaches for analysis and problem solving that where designed to handle complex and messy situations.


Simplify! Your business can be more profitable and flexible. Stop your growing IT complexity now.

Read our paper with useful DIY tips!

And do not forget to check the 0CX (zero complexity) Business IT Design principles.

Or contact me to help you.