Open Security News week 5-2023

Threats develop constantly as criminals advance their techniques and new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Therefore, mitigation measures should be continuously developed and updated. However many organisations are depending too much on vulnerable vendor solutions that over promise but under deliver. Taking simple measures at scale, such as applying a security by design approach for all new projects is often lacking. There are no silver bullets when it comes to cyber security. It’s just doing the hard work. Daily.

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Open Security News week 1-2023

This is an unusual post. This time, I want to emphasize the urgent need for reducing cybersecurity risks. We are on a tipping point. Security is required for safety and privacy. We are increasingly dependent on IT: Cars, trains, hospitals, medicines, energy, transportation are not possible today without IT. Without digital technology our world stops. But cyber security has become complex and is poisoned with solutions were transparency is lacking. It is time to stop reinventing the wheel. Simple solutions are often still the best. Make use of solid solutions that do work. There is no magic tool.

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Open Security News week 49-2022

We are all humans. For severe cyber security problems we fall in love with so called ‘Holy Grail’ products. The product capabilities of these product are outlined with vague and difficult marketing buzz. So perfect for managers who lack a solid technical background. But deploying these products can be compared with deliberately installing a large backdoor in your trusted environment. Security by obscurity is a bad security principle. Demand openness and full transparency.

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Open Security News week 44-2022

Today all software is under continuous attack. So focus on practical simple steps to improve cybersecurity. Increase the effectiveness of your current cybersecurity measurements and tools. Do not fall in the trap of buying another security defense application that promise to reduce cyber risks with lower costs and lower effort. A magic solution to reduce your cyber security threads does not exist.

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