The good and easy way: ‘Privacy by design’ design patterns

Maybe you have noticed it. Privacy is an issue. A bit strange since there are only 17 days left until the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become fully enforceable throughout the European Union.

So before end of May 2018 all organizations that process data of EU citizens must comply with this General Data Protection Regulation. To be compliant with the GDPR you must apply to article 25 “Data protection by design and by default“. Also known as ‘Privacy by design‘. But applying this approach can be complex and time consuming. Continue reading “The good and easy way: ‘Privacy by design’ design patterns”

Rapid Application Development and Architecture

Programming web applications and creating IT systems has long been a complex and slow job. Following the usual software engineering life cycles the development phase could not start before requirements were written, architecture was approved and a lot of Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams were drawn. So even before the project produced something of value tons of documentation was produced.

Due to the success of agile software development methods as e.g. scrum and devops often architects grown up with traditional development approaches, are experienced as a barrier for speeding up. So the role of traditional IT architects and architecture for creating solid design documentation has become under immense pressure. Continue reading “Rapid Application Development and Architecture”