Ads and ethical sponsoring

The Open Security newsletter is an overview of cyber security news with a core focus on openness. This newsletter is created for everyone who wants to learn more on cyber security and on cyber security professionals who are searching for proven solutions.

We’ve got an audience of thousands of adopters of the Security Reference Architecture. People use this playbook for one reason: Use available cyber security knowledge to make good security designs by reusing open content. 

This makes the Open Security newsletter the ideal platform to advertise your cyber security product or services. Or if you want your company to be visible for cyber security  professionals that are looking for a new professional challenge.

We protect the privacy of our visitors so we only serve ethical ads. We do not track the users of our site. This means we do not make use of an advertising network. We allow no tracking and serve your ad as plain png image on our sponsor section in the newsletter or within the Security Reference Architecture on the sponsor page. 

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