There are many myths about security, and how difficult it is. Cyber security is a complex domain. There is no perfect solution. Never. But there are simple solutions that do work. Often the best cyber security solutions are open solutions which everyone can use. Good solutions are not subject to a hype. Open solutions are transparent and fully open. So everyone can use and improve it.

This Playbook

is created to help you with solving your specific complex security challenges.

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Open and Simple Security Solutions#

This security architecture is not just another security book. We wanted to create an innovative solution that helps you to create better and faster security solutions for your security use case. So we used our many years of experience when dealing with security challenges and created this interactive community driven publication to enable this goal.

All information within this guide is targeted for reuse to solve your cyber security challenge. This guide is designed so you can make your cyber security designs faster and better. Do not reinvent the wheel. Reuse and improve solid cyber security knowledge and experience that is created to build upon.

We believe in open and simple cyber security solutions. Openness and transparency builds trust.

Open simple solutions are:

  • solutions that are easily to understand

  • solutions that can be studied

  • solutions that can be improved

Good cyber security solutions are open solutions. Transparency builds trust. Simple solutions that can easily be understood and studied are more transparent than complex proprietary solutions.

Our mission with this open security reference architecture is to create the best playbook on the internet that continuously helps you with solving your cyber security challenges.

We believe this is best done together.


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Cyber security is a process, not a destination to arrive at. Designing a cyber security architecture for your use case is the process of choosing between “less safe” and “more safe” and continuing this process until you reach “safe enough” for the information you want to protect.

Good security design and implementation takes time, patience and hard work.

Society, companies, and governments are increasingly dependent on IT. Good cyber security is required for safety and privacy.

There are no silver bullets when it comes to cyber security. Risks will never be zero. Using complex and expensive cyber security solutions are not by definition better.

There is no magic tool, method or process that can guarantee that a system (hardware,software, people and processes) will never be compromised.


Cyber security is not absolute and can never be guaranteed. Risks will never be zero. It is a journey, not a destination.