Cyber Security

Complexity is the Enemy of Security!

Minimizing security risks can be hard, expensive and often fails. IT Security is a complex field. People, processes and technology are crucial parts of an architecture to reduce risks. Our certified experts love to solve your cyber security challenges. Detecting what is not good with your current security is the simple work. You can find many companies that launch automated test suites based on open source tools that tell you that you are not secure enough. However the real challenge is designing solutions that are secure.

We are maintaining the open architecture for security and privacy. Every one can join this project.

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This reference architecture is created to improve security and privacy designs in general. It is time to stop reinventing the wheel when it comes down to creating architectures and designs for security and privacy solutions. This reference architecture is not just another security book. This reference architecture enables you to create better and faster security and privacy solutions by reusing the content provided in this publication.

We create security architectures and security models and, design cyber security solutions that work for your business and users and reduce your security risks.

Good security does not have to be complex. So kill the complexity to lower your security risks!

Our core cyber security products

  • Security Architecture. Creating an innovative security architecture that minimize risks, cost and complexity! We deliver enterprise security architectures or application or domain specific security architectures.
  • Application Security & Privacy Solutions. Default solutions like firewalls and simple roll-based authorization  are no longer enough. GDPR compliancy is a must. We create cost effective security & privacy solutions that work and can be easily maintained. We have many years of experience, the required business knowledge and the needed deep technical IT skills to do this for you.

All our security architects are  permanently trained and are Togaf and CISSP certified. And of course we support OWASP through individual memberships of our consultants.



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