Editing markdown

JupyterLab is a fast and simple solution to edit and preview markdown.

And despite the fact that markdown is a great simple text format, rendering markdown in a simple always need a html browser. So Jupyterlab is the perfect environment for quick editing and rendering markdown files.

To edit a markdown file in JupyterLab:

  • Goto the File Browser [CTRL+SHIFT+F] and select the markdown file you want to edit.

To preview a markdown file in JupyterLab:

  1. Select the file in the File Browser , activite if needed by [CTRL+SHIFT+F] and

  2. select the markdown file and

  3. click the RIGHT mouse button and

  4. Select Open With and choose Markdown Preview

Markdown Preview

Markdown Reference

JupyterLab has a:

  • build-in Markdown Reference

You can find it by selecting: [HELP] -> [Markdown Reference]

Markdown Reference

Within this reference you also find a nice markdown tutorial to works within the JupyterLab environment.

More information on file editing: https://jupyterlab.readthedocs.io/en/stable/user/file_editor.html