Sharing Notebooks

Sharing notebooks can be done by sharing the *.ipynb files. So simple sharing means:

  • mail the ipynb file or

  • Use a fileshare where your notebook file is placed. E.g. a gist , or fileshare in your company. Easy options that also are great for easy sharing is using a verion control system. E.g. and render the notebook format in a browser directly.

  • Use the [NBVIEWER] ( tool. See examples at Nbviewer is a web application that lets you enter the URL of a Jupyter Notebook file, renders that notebook as a static HTML web page, and gives you a stable link to that page which you can share with others.

But sometimes you want to share your notebook rendered so other people can directly play with it without installing all required libraries first. Not everyone who is interested in your results (data, code , graphs) has the time and should be forced to install a full (new) JupyterLab environment and all dependencies required to run your notebook

The great news is:


Sharing a notebook with people can be done fully web based, without forcing others to install all required libraries on their laptop/desktop!

Some great solutions exist, like:

  • Use binder Using Binder others can open your notebook in an executable environment. Make a copy and improve it.

  • Use GESIS Notebooks Aimed for notebook and researchers working in the Open Research Computing for the Social Sciences.

  • Use Google Colab. Colab notebooks are fully compatible with Jupyter notebooks. But using Google has as always advantages and disadvantages.