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We are an international open community that welcomes discussion, feedback, and contributions of many kinds. Just join us on github or contact one of the Authors.


The initial authors that started this project in 2021 to make the world a bit more secure are:

Asim Jahan#

Asim works as an information security and privacy consultant. As such he likes to improve or redesign business processes enabling companies and organisations to perform better with less effort at less costs. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business IT & Management of The Hague University. Asim knows the GDPR inside out. He also has all knowledge of CIPP/E and CIPM. He currently works for the government implementing GDPR together with a handpicked team. He likes to speak and recently Asim joined a debating club. blogs and observes developments in cyber realms. Take a look at his LinkedIn profile.

Maikel Mardjan#

Maikel works often as IT (security) architect and loves to make designs for complex IT systems in a simple way. Maikel holds both a Master (Msc) Business Studies of University of Groningen and a Master degree (Msc) Electrical Engineering, of Delft University of Technology. Maikel is TOGAF 9 Certified and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certified. Maikel currently works for the innovative IT company Despite privacy concerns, Maikel can be found on Twitter.