This publication is real open content.

We believe in openness to simplify cyber security.

Openness for cyber security means adhering to the following principles:

  • Creating better cyber security solutions is not an end but a means for making our world better.

  • Using an OSI approved license when releasing software.

  • Using a Creative Commons License to when creating and sharing documentation.

  • You embrace openness as a basic value for knowledge sharing and growth. Think of open science, open data, open access, open research.

  • Knowledge and improvements should be beneficial and reachable for everyone.

  • Your organization is inclusive.

We believe open access is mandatory for simplifying and improving cyber security.

Open access is the unlimited sharing and reuse of publications and data. Open access for cyber security means knowledge should be freely accessible. So without borders. Applying user tracking or other privacy barriers for publications is not open access.

Open access improves:

  • Sharing cyber solutions in an easy way.

  • Quality of existing solutions. Improving is often better than to reinvent the wheel.