Security Architecture#

To create a sustainable solution to reduce cyber security threats is to create a solution architecture. Within this architecture you design a solution that meets your functional requirements. But this architecture is also to match design the protection measurements needed based on your risk analysis.

The perfect solution to reduce security risks to zero does not exist. A security architecture assists in the process of optimising and managing your risks.

A good way to really speed up creating your solution architecture is of course to use this reference architecture as the basis.

A Security Architecture describes how security measurements are positioned. Measurements can be process related or be implemented by a security product such as a SIEM system.

How to create a security Architecture#

A good way to really speed up creating your solution architecture is to use a reference architecture as the basis.

Creating security a security or privacy solution architecture consists of the following high level steps:

  • Dive in the business strategy and organization;

  • Gather security and privacy principles and requirements;

  • Determine important constraints that apply to your architecture or design. There are always constraints, e.g. time, budget, maintenance costs, subject matter experts available etc.

  • Derive the architecture building blocks from your architecture or design. Architecture building blocks help you to scope your solution. Using architecture building blocks gives a clear view on (new) integration aspects and where completely new solutions fit in the total IT landscape.

  • Select (or create, buy) the new Solution Building Blocks. Prerequisite is of course that the functionality and technical constraints must be clear. Often prerequisites are derived from the previous design step.

Security Architecture

Learn more#


Learn more about creating a Security Architecture Do not reinvent the wheel by defining your own security principles. Make use of already good defined and battle tested security principles. In the Open Security Reference Architecture you can find a complete guide to speed up the process to create your own security architecture.