Security Training#

Good security training helps you to better understand Security by Design. Security by Design can be seen as the core foundation that helps you to better understand all different specialist topics that are required.

Cyber security is a very large field with firm pillars in:

  • Science and

  • Technology

  • Business Management And your daily life.

There is nobody that knows every little detail on all aspects embedded within Security by Design. Sometimes you need to know more about risk assessments, sometimes you are required to ask very specialist network specialists or hardware engineers regarding possible threats.

Security is a field that is very broad and can be very specialist. A good hardware engineer or software engineer is definitely not by default a good security engineer.

A training that is required for every one within your organization that is covered within the SDLC needs some form of security awareness training on a periodic basis.

Security awareness training is a set of techniques and strategies that are taught by IT departments and cybersecurity professionals to mitigate and prevent cyber attacks. The training is provided to educate employees so that they can become cyber vigilant. The awareness tool conducts attack simulations and evaluates employees, further educating and training them.

The training will make employees capable of defending themselves against cyber attacks. Effective and good security awareness training focuses on protecting an organization by incorporating practices and policies by identifying possible threats and preventing them.

Some people and companies still disregard the value of investing in cybersecurity training for their employees.

Security by design training#

Free Security training or education material#

The best courses to learn how to simplify cyber security are open. So open access. Open access (OA) refers to freely available, digital, online information.


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