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Security by design is a proven method to develop products that are less vulnerable for cyber security threats.

Cyber security should be the highest priority when developing a new product.

  • Threats continue to rise.

  • Customers demand risk free products and are more aware of digital threats.

  • You are liable when severe security problems arise in your products.

Security by design is not a product. Nor a simple straight through process. Security by design can be viewed as a core philosophy to do the right things from a cyber security perspective in every action performed when developing and producing a new product.

Cyber security is a key quality aspect that can not be integrated later within your product. You can not create a better security foundation when your product is finished. Security is a core product property that is almost impossible to add later.

Security should be seen as a foundation that is developed in parallel with your new product. A good security foundation can not be designed in isolation from product development.

Security By Design Elements#

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Prevention of cyber security incidents is always better

Learn about about Security Prevention

Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring is a must have for Security by Design. Without monitoring and logging your are blind without knowing.

Learn directly the essentials of Security monitoring.

Security Policies

Having good Security policies is cheap and very effective!

Learn all about Security Policies


Simple security protection is the best.

Learn how to simplify Security Protection

Risk Assessments

Security by Design starts with identifying your cyber risks.

Learn more on Risk Assessments


The Security by Design SDLC is a core element for all developments and life cycle management activities.

Security Architecture

A solid security architecture is gives a core foundation to design and implement a solution that reduces cyber security risks.

Simplify the creation of a Security Architecture

Security Principles

Using proven security principles is a must.

Learn all about Security Principles

Security Training

Security trainings are vital for contious improvement.

Learn about security trainings and check our open catalogue

Security Management

Good security management processes are vital to define, implement and execute.

Learn more about Security Management

Security Culture

A good cyber security culture is a core element for Security by Design to succeed.

Learn how to create a healty security culture

FOSS Security

Using open security building blocks has many advantages. Learn why FOSS software is a must have for security protection