Open Security News Overview

Cyber security is a process, not a destination to arrive at. Openness and transparency builds trust. Good simple cyber security solutions are open and transparent. Cyber Security is a complex field. Keep it simple. Keep learning.

  • Open Security News week 35-2022
    Our lives heavily depend on software. So software should be open, secure and safe. But the reality is, unfortunately, that most software is malware and steals your private data. That is why I advocate FOSS and love to share cyber security knowledge and lessons learned so we can our world a bit nicer.
  • Open Security News week 30-2022
    Zero-trust security principles could protect against insider threat by treating every component, service, and user of a system as continuously exposed to and potentially compromised by a malicious actor. But is zero-trust really a good name for this concept? Naming things is hard and a bad name is fuel for confusion.
  • Open Security News week 21-2022
    Reducing complexity for information security means following key proven principles. Some key principles for simplifying security are e.g. prevention of security risks is easier for maintenance and good simple up-to-date documentation always helps. Bring it down to the crucial things.
  • Open Security News week 17-2022
    Cyber offences, such as hacking, malware creation and distribution, and online fraud, present a substantial threat to organizations attempting to safeguard their data and information. Open and simple cyber security solutions always help.
  • Open Security News week 13-2022
    Cyber security is a process, not a destination to arrive at. Designing a cyber security architecture for your use case is the process of choosing between “less safe” and “more safe” and continuing this process until you reach “safe enough” for the information you want to protect.