Open Architecture

We believe in reuse. Reuse can give huge advantages when solving business IT related problems. In our experience 80-90% of the challenges faced within IT projects is already solved. Also be aware that a technical problem is most of the time also a business problem. So why reinvent the wheel again?

Knowledge should be shared. When solving new IT challenges a good and accessible catalogue of proven IT solutions is vital. Call it patterns, call it architecture documentation, use open code repositories as github. The knowledge is there. Currently we are developing specific tools for our customers to speed up the process of making use of reuse when designing new IT systems.  You can join this community project.

Make use of proven security principles for your project:Reduce cost & improve quality!


Fast (Online) IT Security specification creation

Knowing where what solutions building blocks are available helps in creating good solutions faster. So make reuse of already existing solution architecture and solution building blocks to speed up your projects.Links to architecture documents are always welcome! Mail us your tip and we will add this to the reusable collection of links (available on github, or here below).



The Open Architecture Playbook

Creating better and faster (IT)Architecture Documents. Tools, templates and more for solving your IT problems using architecture tools that work! 100% Free! Hit the button on the right to read/view the book.

Architecture Playbook