Open Reference Architecture for Security and Privacy

Be More Productive!

This reference architecture is created to improve security and privacy designs in general. In our opinion it is time to stop reinventing the wheel when it comes down to creating architectures and designs for security and privacy solutions. The reference architecture is not just another security book. This book is all about reuse.

Using this book gives creating your security solution a head start!

This reference architecture saves time in many ways:

  • You can create a solution architecture based on it for your specific situation.
  • It enables you to speed up the process of creating a specific solution.
  • It contains valuable content and general background information which can be used, reused or referred to.

Information security architecture is an abstraction of a design that identifies and describes where and how security controls are used. It also identifies and describes the location and sensitivity of both user and application data. This open reference security architecture aims to help you create your context specific architecture faster and with higher quality.

This reference architecture is designed to assist and guide architects, security designers and developers to make better decisions and to reuse quality architecture knowledge regarding cyber security aspects.


  • Reusable list of security principles
  • Reusable list of privacy principles
  • Collection of common attack vectors and thread models
  • In-depth list to determining the quality of OSS for security and privacy applications
  • List of great OSS security and privacy applications

You can read the eBook online , buy a hardcopy of this book (updated 2019 version.

If you need help with creating a security solution design for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us! Although creating a security design is easier and faster using this Open Reference Architecture, our security consultants are trained experts in driving your project to the next level and minimizing security and privacy concerns.

Use this reference architecture and work more efficiently!

We encourage all security professionals to use and to improve this reference architecture. Your contributions to this Reference Architecture are greatly appreciated. You can contribute using the following Github repository: