Let’s just do it one more time

Cyber Security is complex. So it is no surprise that companies get hit by major IT disasters due to cyber security incidents.

Cyber security vendors often make things very complex. Too complex. Often they sell a lot of crappy expensive security software with security management cockpits and promise that all your risks are mitigated. However being hit by ransomware is no joke. 

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The day after the GDPR: End of an Era?

Maybe you have noticed it. Privacy is an issue. A bit strange since there is only 1 day left until the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become fully enforceable throughout the European Union. So before end of May 2018 all organizations that process data of EU citizens must comply with this General Data Protection Regulation. So will the enormous amounts of privacy breaches be over?  Will all privacy and freedom fighters celebrate 25 May 2018 as the beginning of an new Era? Continue reading “The day after the GDPR: End of an Era?”