Human created and curated

With the rise of LLMs (Large Language Models) like ChatGPT, the internet is flooded with blogs that are generated by bots. A real check if blogs are created by a real human or LLM powered bot is impossible.

So be aware of so-called AI detection tools. So it is time to introduce a new ethical label for blogs that are created by humans. The logo is simple:

The rules to use this logo are not enforceable. If you use this logo with your writings you subscribe the following rules:

  1. I hereby declare that this text is written by a human.
  2. I use tools for spelling and grammar correction but this text still has errors due to my stubbornness.
  3. I sometimes use tools to validate facts mentioned.
  4. I take full responsibility for all errors in this text. 
  5. It may be possible that my mood is reflected in the text. 

These simple ethical rules are established to provide you with confidence that this text has been created by a human. On this site it will be me.