Open Security News week 35-2023

Security by design is not a product. Nor a simple straight through process. Security by design can be viewed as a core philosophy to do the right things from a cyber security perspective in every action performed when developing and producing a new product. Too many organisations are depending on vulnerable vendor solutions for security protection that over promise but under deliver. Cyber security is a wicked problem, so learn from mistakes already make by others.

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Open Security News week 27-2023

Good cyber security is still a cost factor for companies. For too long we refuse to create simple systems for simple problems that can be easily adjusted and are resilient for common cyber security threads. We, security experts, are trained and brainwashed by commercial vendors to advocate for complex, expensive cyber security solutions that are costly to implement and lack transparency. Most cyber security improvements programs end with more paperwork and more new fancy software tools, without increased security resilience. We need to break out of this cycle.

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Simplify Cyber Security: A Practical Manifesto

Automation has changed our lives. Computers and all kinds of software enabled devices make our daily lives easier. Every year computer devices get more powerful, less expensive but also get more vulnerable to cyber security risks. Too often cyber security breaches have a severe impact on our safety and privacy. But most cyber security accidents are hidden from the public eye.

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Open Security News week 23-2023

There are many myths about security, and how difficult it is. Cyber security is a complex domain. There is no perfect solution. Never. However there are simple solutions that do work. Often the best cyber security solutions are open well known solutions which everyone can use. Good solutions are not subject to a hype. Open solutions are transparent, so everyone can use and improve these solutions. 

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FOSS Machine Learning News week 20-2023

GPT-4 has brought a storm of hype and fright. Is it marketing froth, or are we watching a fast revolution? Most people who have played with ChatGPT and used other tools in the past (e.g. Google to help with schoolwork) are overwhelmed. The fact that ChatGPT can automatically generate something that reads like human-written text was unexpected. The impact on society and companies will be unknown for the long term. The rapid use of the tools created by the company Openai was unexpected. However the company ‘Openai’ is not creating open tools and using open principles at all. The power that this kind of technology brings we should put more effort on developing open tools that are better and respect our privacy.

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