Mastering JupyterLab

JupyterLab is a web-based user interface for Project Jupyter. It provides an interactive development environment for software engineers and scientists to work with Jupyter Notebooks, code, and data.

This document provides tips for doing complex things with JupyterLab in a simple way.

A JupyterLab notebook has simple options to do very complex things.

Learning all tips and tricks by head is useless if you know where and how to search for solutions. This document saves you time when searching for solutions when working with JupyterLab.


Mastering JupyterLab

Master your productivity skills when working with notebooks. A core reference to use and to build upon.

This publication is created as a living document to collect useful tips for using JupyterLab.

This is not a “Getting Started” guide, but a collection of tips aimed at users that see the advantage of sharing knowledge and tips to get more productive with JupyterLab.

So this publication is likely to be incomplete.

So I encourage and invite JupyterLab users to help to improve this Guide!