Solving problems requires systems thinking. Always!

When we try to solve problems one of the difficulties is that we humans are lazy. This means that we like to think of problems in terms of simple causal relations between a cause and the effect we see. It is not that we do not know it. We just like to think of problems and solutions in a very simple way. Linear and straightforward.

So for instance: We see that software maintenance is expensive, error prone and hard to manage. So we think that when we use a custom of the shelf software package and outsource the complete IT department all our problems are gone.

But in reality there is seldom a simple direct causal relationship present. So in reality it is far better to reset your brain and use system thinking when approaching problems. We know the world is complex. So in order to really solve problems or at least do a good proposal on effects and causes a system approach is needed.

You can play with these archetype models. Just click the Remix button to play with this model or built upon it!

In another blog I will outline why I forked this great Causal Loop Diagram tool and what minor, but crucial adjustments I made.