Creating agile solutions

Business IT solutions must be flexible.Inflexible business IT software can and will slowly stop your current business. The time needed to change your systems so it fits the current demands of your customers is often too long and too expensive.

Organizations need the ability to reconfigure operations and supporting processes in response to evolving needs and competitive threats in the market. Also you must take action in the post covid-19 era.

 Large complex business IT systems are too often:

  • Very expensive to change. It takes time and expensive resources are needed.
  • Impossible to change in a radical way. It is very hard to make real breaking business choices that can be supported by the current systems.
  • Impossible to adjust for simple new requirements.
  • Complicated and entwined with many internal and external systems. 

The only way to move towards more agile solutions is to create simpler systems by design.

The solutions to develop agile solutions is to develop a simplicity-by-design culture. An important factor for simplicity by design is to use principles. Principles are statements of direction that govern selections and implementations. Principles provide a foundation for decision making. Some important principles for creating agile solutions are:

  • Design for change.
  • Make sure you can manage IT!
  • Never over engineer

You can find more principles in the zero-complexity by design guide. Or read the ‘Simplify IT Complexity’ guide. If you want to learn how you can simplify your IT landscape.