FOSS Machine Learning News week 20-2023

GPT-4 has brought a storm of hype and fright. Is it marketing froth, or are we watching a fast revolution? Most people who have played with ChatGPT and used other tools in the past (e.g. Google to help with schoolwork) are overwhelmed. The fact that ChatGPT can automatically generate something that reads like human-written text was unexpected. The impact on society and companies will be unknown for the long term. The rapid use of the tools created by the company Openai was unexpected. However the company ‘Openai’ is not creating open tools and using open principles at all. The power that this kind of technology brings we should put more effort on developing open tools that are better and respect our privacy.

1 What does GPT-3 “know” about me?

Privacy and Large Language Models(LLMs), like GPT4 and ChatGPT is a disaster waiting to happen!


2 AutoML Solutions: What I Like and Don’t Like About AutoML as a Data Scientist

Nice read to get some brain food to think about regarding AutoML. A blog before the GPT-4 hype, so no distraction


3 From Deep to Long Learning?

If you are hunger to deep knowledge regarding fundamental architecture issues and solutions regarding Transformers and Large Language Models than this article is for you!


4 EU Artificial Intelligence Act

We need good legal frameworks for using ML technology. The good news:The AI Act is a proposed European law on artificial intelligence (AI) – the first law on AI by a major regulator anywhere.


5 A Cookbook of Self-Supervised Learning

Self-supervised learning, dubbed the dark matter of intelligence, is a promising path to advance machine learning. This paper lowers barriers to entry into this research field by laying the foundations and latest recipes in the style of a cookbook.


6 Introducing Investing in trustworthy AI

Interesting development from a Foundation that is dedicated to Openness and privacy.


7 What Is ChatGPT Doing … and Why Does It Work?

You can not escape The Hype. I believe this development can really be disruptive in a short time. This blog is from a the famous Stephen Wolfram. Known for his real mind breaking products and vision on technology related subjects.


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