NLP Learning resources#

There is a large overlap between machine learning and current NLP technology. But is makes sense to outline specific NLP resources separate. This to make searching for good open NLP resources easier.

So this section is an opinionated list of great NLP learning resources. Of course also only resources that are open, so only resources published using a Creative Commons license (cc-by mostly) or other real open licenses are included. So all references are open access resources.

Advanced NLP with spaCY

In interactive online course, you’ll learn how to use spaCy to using both rule-based and machine learning approaches.

NLP Course | For You

Great NLP course with notebooks. Main purpose is to help you enter your own very personal adventure. It’s well-known that you will learn something easier if you are not just given the answer right away, but if you think about it first.

Text Analysis

Computational Text Analysis course. A guide to text mining tools and methods from University of Pennsylvania.

  • Natural Language Processing Demystified, A free, comprehensive video course to turn you into an NLP expert. No registration required. So watch this great NLP Learning guide.