This publication on FOSS machine learning is created to be shared as much as possible. This to make sure machine learning remains a full open technology that can be used by everyone. And remember FOSS machine learning is all about Freedom. So commercial development of Free and Open Machine Learning technology is very important for sustainable development of a healthy FOSS machine learning ecosystem. And of course FOSS machine learning means using open principles.

You can contribute to FOSS machine learning in a simple way. This publication is created to be shared as much as possible. So please:


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This publication is created as a starting and living document to support FOSS machine learning. So this publication is likely to be incomplete or outdated if not maintained. I will update it frequently but I also need your help. So I encourage all information professionals to help to improve this Free and Open Machine Guide.

FOSS machine learning is crucial for open innovation the coming years. Using and applying Machine learning technology should be in reach for all companies worldwide with no strings attached.

The core focus in this first publication was to explained why FOSS machine learning is needed and showed that you or your company can make the choice to use open machine learning. Even for real business use cases.

Using FOSS building blocks for machine learning does not mean that you cannot benefit from the great advantages that some (Cloud)Companies offer. FOSS machine learning is an enabler for business innovation. So guard your freedom, but also take responsibility for the freedom of others that benefit from your machine learning application(s).

In a next version of this publication your input is needed to improve the practical use of FOSS machine learning in practice. So if you:

  • Like to share your real life experience with FOSS machine learning.

  • Want to share your experience on using FOSS machine learning tools or ML building blocks.

  • Like to share resources that should be mentioned in this FOSS machine learning publication.

  • Discuss the content so it gets better. We do discussion on-line and off-line (meetups).


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